List of therapists

Therapist for Essential Therapy
Teacher for MBRS, Tai-Qi and Qi-Gong
Further specializations:
MBCT (Mindfulness- Based Cognitive Therapie)
TRE (Trauma- and Tension Releasing Exercises)
Systemic-integrative Health-Coaching and Stressmanagement
Achtsamkeitszentrum Pforzheim
Lameystr. 41,
75173 Pforzheim
Phone.: 07231/6070634

European certificate for Psychotherapy (ECP), naturopath, ethnologist / ethno-physician
body-oriented psychotherapy (DGK)
Essential Psychotherapy
Am Stangenberg 31,
69239 Neckarsteinach
Tel: 06229-9601128

Physician in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, working in the Uniklinik Freiburg and in own personal practice, teacher and supervisor. Former chief-physician at Psychosomatischen Fachklinik Bad Grönenbach.
Trained in depth psychology-psychotherapy and various humanistic therapeutic methods,
psychosomatic medicine and trauma-therapeutic methods (PITT, SE, EMDR); MBSR, Essential
Psychotherapy, long-term practioner of meditation in the traditions of Vipassana and Mahamudra.

E-Mail: Kat.baumann(at)

Psychotherapist and naturopath
trained in:
– Essential Psychotherapy
– Energetic Psychology (EDxTM™) by Fred Gallo
– Hypnotherapy by Erickson
– Systemic constellation and ritual work
Trainings in body-centered therapies:
– Manual therapy – Maitland concept
– Akupuncture-massage by Radloff (ESB-APM)
– F.M. Alexander-technique
– Neuro-structual Integration-technique (NST)
– T´ai Chi Ch´uan
Marienstraße 10, 79098 Freiburg
Telefon: 0761-1377164
Fax: 0761-1377165
Specialized in treatment of fears, phobias and sleep-problems

Düsselkämpchen 10
40239 Düsseldorf
Phone: 0211-4984376
Fax: 0211-9665250
E-Mail: u.dippolter-wirringa(at)

  • My big aim / life topic: the connection of a completely “normal” family and professional everyday
    life with a deep and transforming awareness practice.
  • Married, father of three sons (year of birth 1991, 1993, 1996)
  • Deputy Director and Head of Central Services St. Claraspital in Basel
  • Training as MBSR teacher at the Institute for Mindfulness in Germany from 03.2007 to 04.2008
  • many years of personal meditation experience
  • I offer MBSR courses, monthly in-depth mindfulness evenings and personal support on your
    individual practice path after a MBSR course but also independently.
  • Courses, lectures and personal talks take place in my training facility at Käferholzstrasse 34 in
    Hirzbrunnenquartier in Basel.

Stephan Ebner
Käferholzstrasse 34
CH-4058 Basel

Naturpath for psychotherapy
Essential Psychotherapy
Offers especially: Accompaniment in the search for meaning, Joint development of individual
spiritual practice, Support in problematic consumer behavior (“addiction”)

Wannerweg 1,
82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Phone: 0163/6003494
E-Mail: markus-enthart(at)

Certified psychological advisor (VFP)
Trainings in:
Essential Therapy
Solution-oriented short-term-therapy by Steve de Shazer
Phone-counceling for children and adolescents in the Deutschen Kinderschutzbund, OV Bonn
Friedrichstr. 50,
53111 Bonn
Phone : 0228 – 88 64 03 95
E-Mail: doris.gottschalk(at)
Offers especially: Crises-management and conflict-counceling

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist for behavioral therapy, therapist for essential psychotherapy.

Adress: Zypressenstrasse 4, 8003 Zürich
Phone: 0041 44 272 55 00 (answering machine)
E-Mail: danielahinic(at)

1965-born, Diploma in social-padagogics, Analytical Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist (C.G.Jung), in private practice, as well as participation in a Psychological Counseling Center. Previous professional experience in inpatient and outpatient psychiatric care.
Work today with adolescents and young adults, various training courses and publications on youthspecific


Polarity practice Pol
practice for Essential Psychotherapy, SE-Trauma Therapy (by Peter Levine) and Polarity Therapy

Spalentorweg 18, 4051 Basel
Tel: 079 827 35 23
E-Mail: leuel(at)

Diploma in Padagogics
Essential Psychotherapy, Systemic Family Therapy
Offers especially:
Combination of essential psychotherapy and systemic family therapy, youth support, foster child
care, counseling for women, mindful support of people in crisis situations and difficult life phases.

Sandscheider Str. 7
53639 Königswinter

Phone: 02244-8716326,
E-Mail: prax.meis-u(at)

Essential Psychotherapy, Transactional Analysis, Adult Education, Psychiatry Care, body-centered
Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Training, Tái Chi Chúan (Yang Style), yearslong
Meditation Experience.
Offers especially: Spiritual / psychotherapeutic accompaniment during life and crisis.

Adress: Oelikonerstr. 27,
CH-8057 Zürich
Tel: 041 (0)443624529
E-Mail: mo.nie(at)

Two three-year retreats under the spiritual guidance of Gendün Rinpoche. Naturopath
psychotherapy, training in trauma therapy Somatic Experiencing R and NARM ™ (Dr. Laurence
Heller) as well in Integral Somatic Psychology (ISP, Dr. Raja Selvam) and Bodynamic (Lisbeth
Marcher and Erik Jarlnaes). Psychotherapeutic practice in Mühltal and Darmstadt. Buddhist
meditation classes together with his wife Lama Kerstin Barthel.
E-Mail: mail(at)
Phone: 06151 7876076 (answering machine)

Naturopath for psychotherapy
Essential Psychotherapy
gestalt therapy
Hypnosystemic Psychotherapy
Mindfulness-based psychotherapy methods
certif. MBSR, MBCT and MSC teacher
many years of practice in meditation and Kum Nye, certif. Iyengar yoga teacher
for 9 years student of Diamond Approach (Ridhwan-Schule)
Elements from the Focusing, Psychodrama and body-oriented methods also enrich my work.
I work in private practice in Reutlingen with individuals, couples and groups. My joy lies in the
combination of Dharma, psychotherapy and self-exploration.

Gartenstr. 49,
72764 Reutlingen

E-Mail: info(at)</b
Phone: Practice: 0172 2186 352 or office 07123 968489

Born in 1955, psychologist, Psychological Psychotherapist.
After years of employment in the disability aid and inpatient acute psychiatry in 1991 was the
establishment in private practice for psychotherapy, coaching and supervision in Metzingen. I am
trained in Gestalt Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Eye Movement Integration EMI and Clinical
Hypnotherapy, Family Constallation, Stress Management through Mindfulness MBSR, Mindful
Self-Compassion MSC and Systemic Coaching; currently training in NARM Neuroaffective
Relational Model. Since 1998 student of the Ridhwan School Diamond Approach of Hammed
I am married and have two grown sons.

Born (1957) and raised in Cologne, he encountered Tibetan Buddhism in 1977 and was involved in the establishment of Buddhist meditation and study centers in Berlin, Cologne and the Eifel. He completed a three-year retreat at the Windeck-Halscheid Retreat Center, which he later served as a teacher for another 6 years. He is a student of Lama Gendün Rinpoche and other Kagyu masters. Yesche was an ordained and he is running the Paramita project in Bonn together with his partner. He is trained in Focusing training at the DAF in Würzburg.

Dr. rer. nat. Elisabeth Reisch
Practice for depth psychological psychotherapy in Berlin until June 2014.
Mother of two grown sons,
Conversation psychotherapist (GWG),
Clinical Hypnotherapist (MEG),

Additional specific therapeutic methods:
– feeding the demons by Tsültrim Allione
– The Work by Byron Katie,
– work with the enneagram,
– “ego-state therapy”
– “The Zurich Resource Model”

From summer 2014 personal meditation retreat under the guidance of authorized lamas of the
Tibetan Buddhist tradition in Himmelpfort / Brandenburg and Marfond / France
From February 2019 there will be the possibility for one-on-one interviews, either once a month at
weekends in Berlin or in blocks during a retreat or holiday in Himmelpfort (for example, 3 to 5 one-to-
one talks per week).
Dr. Elisabeth Reisch
Fürstenbergerstr. 9b
16798 Fürstenberg
OT Himmelpfort


Essential Psychotherapy
Movement Analysis Method by C. Rick
Associate in Zurzacher Interdisciplinary Pain Program since 1996,
clinical psychologist in Switzerland (inpatient and outpatient clientele)
Naturpath for Psychotherapy with independent practice in Germany
Practice for psychotherapy and personal growth

Buckwiesenweg 5,
D-79809 Weilheim
Tel. 07755/288 98 34

Clinical Psychology
RehaClinic Bad Zurzach
Quellenstrasse 34,
CH-5330 Bad Zurzach

Special offer:
Psychotherapeutic Retreat Accompaniment
Integration of motor skills as a medium

Ursprünglich Kunstwissenschaftlerin mit Schwerpunkt Phänomenologie. Daraus entwickelte sich in 3 jähriger Forschungsarbeit eine eigenständige Coachingmethode TOPAUTHENT. Diese hilft Kärungs- und Veränderungsprozesse zu steuern und sorgt für nachhaltige Konflikt- und Krisenprävention. Seit 1996 ist diese Methode die Grundlage für meine berufliche Tätigkeit als Coach/Supervisorin, Unternehmen voranzutreiben und im Privatbereich, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung und Bewusstseinsprozesse anzustoßen.

  • Autorisierte Beraterin im EU-Projekt UnternehmensWert Mensch und UnternehmensWert  Mensch Plus
  • CSR (corporate-social-responsivility) – Beraterin
  • Dozentin für Supervision an der Universitätsklinik des Saarlandes, Homburg
  • Supervisionen und Beratungen für Ärzte und Pflegekräfte, sowie Führungskräfte im sozialen und     medizinischen Bereich
  • Therapeutin für Essentielle Psychotherapie

Weiterbildungen u.a.:

3 jährige Ausbildung in Ashtanga-Yoga

Langjährige Meditationspraxis

Durchführung von Wahrnehmungsschulungen und Retreats

TOPAUTHENT Authentische Führung und Unternehmensgestaltung

Dorothee Schank

Virchowstraße 4A

66119 Saarbrücken

Tel: 0681-855311


Fax: 0681-9851976


Naturopath for Psychotherapy – Therapist for Essential Psychotherapy
Practice for Buddhist psychotherapy, coaching & mindfulness meditation
Kobellstr. 2, 80336 Munich

Tel 08914330162 Mob 015771595253

Juristin und systemische Coach, Therapeutin für Essentielle Psychotherapie

Coaching-Praxis Weg zum Wesentlichen, Systemisches Coaching auf der Basis der buddhistischen Geistesschulung, lösungsorientiert, verbunden mit fundierten psychologischen Methoden

           Verstehen -Ermutigen-Umsetzen

Juristin, langjährig in der obesten Bundesverwaltung tätig (seit 2015 im Coachingzentrum), Systemische Coach (vom Deutschen Bundesverband Coaching e.V./DBVC anerkannte Weiterbildung), Therapeutin für Essentielle Psychotherapie, Lösungsorientierte Kurzzeittherapie nach Steve de Shazer.

Langjährige Meditationserfahrung, traditionsübergreifende buddhistische Praxis: ursprünglicher Buddhismus (Theravada) und tibetischer Buddhismus.

Coachingsräume in Bonn; E-Mail:

– Dipl. padagoc-

Practice: Ladahnstr. 24,
50937 Köln-Sülz

Phone: 0171-6418476 or 0221-427125


Naturopath / Body Psychotherapist / MBSR Teacher, Therapist for Essential Psychotherapy

Dr. med. Matthias Weninger is a specialist in general medicine and a medical psychotherapist. His focus is on the holistic treatment of stress and stress-related mental and physical illnesses. He combines in the treatment aspects of Chinese medicine in psychotherapy and mindfulness.

Dr. med. Mattias Weniger
Institute for Stress Medicine Rhein-Ruhr
Am Bergmannsheil
Gelsenkirchen Buer
Schernerweg 4
45894 Gelsenkirchen

Phone: 0209 59027354

E-Mail: mattias.weniger(at)

– Naturopath –
Practice: Klein Grün 13, 79117 Freiburg
Tel. 0761/6965284

offers especially: life coaching, therapist for essential psychotherapy, group work with mothers and children.

-Physician for General Medicine / Classical Homeopathy-

Since 1994 in private practice established in Freiburg / Brsg. as a family doctor with a focus on
classic homeopathy / holistic accompaniment of individuals and families
Further trainings in:
Essential psychotherapy, depth psychology oriented psychotherapy, Systemic Family Therapy,
Various Relaxation and Meditation Techniques
offers as a single service or in combination:
I returned my GP approval in June 2015 in order to have more time for individualized personal
support in the following areas:
Homeopathic private practice,
Essential psychotherapy, counseling in crisis situations,
Coaching in phases of professional and / or personal reorientation:
Advice on the essentials for one’s own current path, development of concrete consequences of a
new orientation of personal life, dealing with aging and dying, instructions on mindfulness and
meditation exercises.

Frank Wieland

Specialist f. General Medicine / Homeopathy

Klein Grün 13
79117 Freiburg
Phone: 0761/69 65 312
Fax: 0761/69 65 287
E-Mail: afwieland(at)