The essential Psychotherapy in its approach is cross-method and based in depth Psychology and is primerly process-oriented.
The EPT originates from a long-term exchange between Psychotherapists and Dharma-teacher who are deeply rooted in the buddhist tradition.
We transmit a form of psychotherapy which is deeply based in the path to liberation and awakening – in the way it is taught in the many wisdom-traditions
like the buddhist. Mindfluness and awareness are trained and consciously cultivated as a part of the therapeutic application.
The therapists are oriented to connect to the true nature of one’s own mind, the timeless open awareness, and use that as a resource in the healing process. In
psychological terms this dimension is a deep level of recourcing (mind’s selfnature or dimension of true nature). This orientation acompanies the therapists in their choice of methods facing specific therapeutic tasks or questions in relation to their client’s life-situation.

With this as a basis methods and interventions are taken from the common techniques of psychotherapy like Psychosynthese, focussing, behavioral therapy and the imagination method by Phyllis Krystal. From this capacity to connect and direct the attention profoundly those methods draw their specific intensity.
Furthermore interventions are trained and applied which come from the special context of the essential Psychotherapy. The psychotherapeutic work takes place on the various levels of human experience – on the level of the personality – where we meet the human being in its specific psychodynamic, which corresponds to the level of depth-psychologic psychotherapy. It as well takes place through the knowledge of the structure and mechanisms of human
perception and cognition which is dirived from the indepth-exploration of one’s own mind being cultivated through meditation. Naturally personal experience and self-therapy is a focus in the training. The guidance in the methods of exploration and comprehension intend to foster inner growth and development and go along with the education in the competence in the therapeutic work.