A well-founded synthesis of Buddhist mind-training and Western psychotherapy

The Buddhist mind-training aims to fully unfold the human potential for awakening. In the process, restrictive emotional and cognitive patterns are dissolved and healing qualities such as love, compassion, openness and wisdom are unravelled.

The well-known Buddhist teacher Tilmann Borghardt and the psychotherapist Wolfgang Erhardt have developed a Buddhist-oriented psychotherapy on this basis. It combines meditation, awareness training, emotional work, cultivating compassion, and medicine buddha practice with psychotherapeutic methods of behavioral and Gestalt therapy, psychosynthesis, and focusing.

The comprehensive standard work uses numerous examples and exercises to demonstrate the basics and practice of Buddhist influenced psychotherapy, which is equally profitable for practitioners and therapists alike.

Buddhism regards the nature of mind as fundamentally healthy. An excellent premise for a trusting, resource-oriented work with mind and psyche. Tilmann Borghardt, Buddhist mediation teacher and psychotherapist Wolfgang Erhardt have worked out the basics of a Buddhist-based psychotherapy. In doing so, central Buddhist approaches to the therapeutic work on oneself and others were examined. The goal is to combine individual healing and working with emotional patterns to put both into the context of a full awakening.

The authors describe the basics and application of Buddhist psychology with numerous case studies and exercises for beginners and advanced students. Astrid Schillings presents the method “Focusing”, which is heavily influenced by the Buddhist thought of mindfulness.

A comprehensive foundation for a psychotherapy of awakening. For practitioners and psychotherapists.

TILMAN BORGHARDT aka Lama Tilmann Lhündrup lived for 21 years in a Buddhist monastery, trains meditation teachers and works internationally as a Dharma teacher. As a former physician and homeopath, his main focus is on integrating the ways of healing and awakening.

WOLFGANG ERHARDT is a psychologist and has been working in private practice in Bonn since 1994. In 2008 he founded the “Institute for Essential Psychotherapy”, which he leads as institute and training director.

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